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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills

Dressed When Depressed

By Eboni Webb, PsyD, HSP

Enduring a week of being snowed in here in Nashville, I’ve keenly felt the profound challenges of the past seven days. As a psychologist, I recognize the signs of depression and anxiety, and truthfully, I’ve experienced it all. it made me ponder – why? Why would I feel this way after spending most of 2020 sheltered due to COVID-19, finding some relief in not having to leave my house?

This week hit differently, prompting me to employ coping methods that were self-protective but not affirming. So, why am I writing this blog series on depression? It’s a misconception that therapists don’t need the tools they teach. I see a therapist myself, and I’ve learned that the best therapists seek therapy. I’ve grappled with depression throughout my life, and this week has illuminated how having time alone with my thoughts is a double-edged sword.

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