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The Village of Kairos is a privately owned therapy practice that offers restorative services and diverse DBT specializations to include individual and group therapy sessions for adolescents, parents, families, and adults including in-the-moment coaching for patients. No matter the type of person or the uniqueness of the individual situation, our goal always remains the same, helping our clients develop a life worth living.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic approach developed by psychologist Dr. Marsha M. Linehan in the late 1980s. Initially designed to treat individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD), DBT has since been adapted for various mental health conditions characterized by emotional dysregulation. This evidence-based therapy combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with principles of dialectics and mindfulness. DBT aims to help individuals enhance their emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. It has proven effective in addressing self-destructive behaviors and improving overall mental well-being, becoming widely used in the treatment of various mental health disorders.

Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) encompasses four interrelated treatment modes. Together, these modes create a holistic approach addressing emotional dysregulation and interpersonal difficulties, providing a well-rounded framework for individuals seeking effective therapeutic intervention.

Individual therapy focuses on applying DBT skills to specific challenges in weekly sessions.

Skills training, conducted in a group format, equips clients with mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills.

In-the-moment coaching offers real-time coaching between sessions, aiding immediate skill application.

The consultation team, a collaborative forum for therapists, ensures treatment fidelity and enhances skills through regular meetings. 

DBT-Informed Therapy incorporates some principles from comprehensive DBT but doesn’t require a specific level of therapist training to call themselves “DBT-informed”. Therapist who are DBT-informed typically do not provide in-the-moment coaching and are not a part of a DBT consultation team. 

The Village of Kairos is a fully comprehensive/adherent DBT practice.

The Village Family Model is required for all minors entering our comprehensive DBT program. This model involves participation from both the child and the parents in therapy. It entails weekly individual sessions and skills group meetings for the child, as well as weekly individual sessions and skills group meetings for the parents. Read more on our Village Model Tab!

The first step is an initial 15-minute consultation with our Executive Clinical Administrator where we inquire about your needs, provide information on what services we offer, and explain our policies and procedures so that you can make an informed decision about moving forward with services with us. Click here to Get Started.

Individual Session Rates

Dr. Webb $400 per 45-minute session *not accepting new clients*

Senior Clinician / Village Partner $200 per 45-minute session *telehealth only*

Associate Clinician $180 per 45-minute session

Village Practitioner in Training (Intern)  $100 per 45-minute session

Initial Intake

$200 per 60-minute session

Family Intake with Dr. Webb (required for Village Family Model)

$200 per 45-minutes session

One-on-One Skills Training (replaces DBT skills group)

$120 per 45-min session

DBT Skills Group


Intersession Coaching 


Village Family Model

Averages around $500 per week, contingent upon the clinician’s fee structure.

Psychological Evaluation 


Click here to learn more about our fees.

We are able to provide our highest quality and confidential care without taking insurance. However, we do offer superbills that you can send to your insurance company and potentially get reimbursed. If this is something you’re hoping to do, contact your insurance company for more details on what they can reimburse.

Clients are required to have a DBT primary therapist to be in a skills group.

We require every client to first have a consultation with our intake coordinator to decide if our program will provide the services you need. If you are still interested in our services, we will schedule an intake session with you to begin therapy services. A psychological evaluation may be required if a minor is entering our program and a comprehensive evaluation hasn’t been done in the past. 

Psychological evaluations are valuable tools for clients as they allow our clinicians to tailor treatment plans to your specific needs. Opting for a full psychological evaluation may lead to quicker therapeutic results compared to not having one. Additionally, these evaluations can be utilized for accommodations and to inform medication prescribing decisions based on the results. We encourage you to discuss with your clinician how a psychological evaluation can benefit your specific situation.

A No Surprises Act or Good Faith Estimate provides information on the financial commitment our programs may require. We include this in our process so clients are aware from the beginning that they are not only committing to the therapy, but also to the financial responsibility of our services. This document must be signed 3 days prior to the start of treatment. 

Masters Level Licensed Professional Counselors are qualified to provide therapy upon graduation from an accredited institution. They are not required to obtain an individual license. Some choose to pursue licensure, which provides additional checks and balances, but is mostly geared towards insurance reimbursements. Those who choose not to pursue licensure operate under the clinic’s license, or their supervisor’s license. Licensure is not an indication of experience or qualification to provide therapy or DBT. Some insurance plans will not reimburse if the therapist does not have their own individual license. We encourage you to check with your plan to find out what is required for your particular reimbursements. Each of our clinicians is thoroughly trained by Dr. Eboni Webb, PsyD, who is fully certified in DBT and is certified as a DBT Training Provider. Each clinician undergoes two hours a week of direct training, one hour a week of one-on-one supervision, and one hour a week of DBT Consultation with a team of DBT providers. Here at the village we strive to employ well-trained and supervised therapists.

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