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Length: 90 min
Rate: $80 per session

This is a 16-week accelerated Parenting DBT Skills Group currently led by Jack Dreher. Our Parenting DBT Skills Group is a fundamental component of our psychoeducational training program for the Village Model. This group provides essential instruction in the core areas of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. It offers parents a unique opportunity to expand their DBT knowledge and implement it within their family setting, where they can guide and teach these skills to their children, fostering emotional intelligence and harmonious family dynamics.

Our DBT Skills Groups and Parenting DBT Skills Groups share a structured and psychoeducational approach. During these sessions, you’ll receive weekly lessons and assignments to practice and reinforce the acquired skills. The primary objective of these group therapies is to equip individuals with effective tools for emotion regulation, transform destructive thought and behavior patterns, enhance relationship skills, and ultimately, help you create the life you aspire to lead.


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