Therapeutic Style: Khalid aims to help develop a more precise and nonjudgmental understanding of ourselves, our reactions, and our surroundings. This more precise understanding helps when working to solidify and actualize our values and goals.
Educational History: Khalid received his B.A. in English from Indiana University and his A.A. in Audio Engineer / Guitar Performance from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently working towards his M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University.
Certifications/Experience: Khalid has experience facilitating DBT skills groups, both virtually and in virtual reality settings. He has joined the Village of Kairos to receive training in comprehensive DBT.
Populations of Interest: Khalid’s primary focus is the development and treatment of personality disorders, as well as the more chronic instances of trauma and emotional disorders that tend to swim together with personality disorders. This may look like the 16 year old who struggles adjusting to school and maintaining relationships, or the 40 year old who relives the same conflicts over and over again.
Given his family’s history in WWII refugee camps, as well as time spent in the Middle East, Khalid is also interested in the treatment of trauma in refugee populations.
Favorite Self-Care: Khalid enjoys dedicating time to spend with his partner. They enjoy going out to concerts or movies, and taking their elderly puppy, Seanster Monster, on short hikes. As a former professional musician, Khalid now finds serenity and solace in playing guitar to an audience of one.
Hobbies: Khalid loves going to rock and heavy metal concerts with his girlfriend. When not in graduate school or milking minor injuries, Khalid enjoys practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
Strengths: Khalid enjoys discovery and learning, approaching things so as to understand them more deeply.