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Therapeutic Style: Jo’s approach to therapy is full of play, prolonged napping in your arms, belly rubs, and deep meaningful gazes to get to the heart of the matter or the treat in your hand. He specializes in play therapy exclusively.

Educational History: Jo graduated from the Institute of Farm Life in Greenbriar, TN, graduating summa “bark loudly” with a specialization in gentle property destruction and a minor in culinary arts, emphasizing the tasting of anything and everything nature does and does not provide.

Certifications/Experience: Josiah is trained in rough and tumble play therapy, sleep studies, and snuggle and hug interventions.

Favorite self-care: Eating, sleeping a minimum of 14 hours a day, occasional fetching, and snuggling with his favorite people that includes most humans on the planet.

Hobbies: Hoarding treats, destroying stuffed animals, and chasing one neighborhood squirrel that taunts him in the window every morning.

Strengths: Snuggling and unconditional positive regard for all humans (but never squirrels)