MFT Candidate

Therapeutic Style: Amber believes that everyone makes sense in the context of their story, which reflects in her therapeutic style of extending empathy, holding space for hope, and providing a judgment-free conversation to aid clients in navigating towards health and wholeness. Educational History: Amber graduated from Lee University in 2016, where she received a B.A.…

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Samantha Lacheta, Counselor Intern

Counselor Intern

Therapeutic Style: Samantha is driven by her passion to serve and help others. She believes that we all have “something” going on in our brains at all times, and the key is to help clients figure out what their “something” is or what their family member’s “something” is, and to develop skills to help each…

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Therapeutic Style: Yutong believes that many of our struggles are developmental in nature, and she aspires to provide a nurturing environment to help clients better understand themselves and to witness their own growth in a holistic way. She uses a client-centered approach and draws techniques from a wide range of theoretical orientations. Educational History: Yutong…

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