Sensorimotor Psychotherapy / Trauma Focused Therapy In Nashville

Your session for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy / Individual Trauma Focused Therapy in Nashville or Franklin, TN will be conducted by your primary Village practitioner at a regular, mutually agreed upon time. Somatic-based mindfulness will begin each session to ensure present moment awareness. The session will primarily consist of exploring your experiences since your last appointment and working on any trauma-based survival 

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | The Village of Kairos

defenses that have or may emerge during your processing. The focus of the session will be to help you work through your survival defenses to regain present moment awareness.

Surviving any kind of mental or physical trauma puts a person in a severe state where it gets harder and harder for them to forget past life events. Whether it is emotional abuse or an event that made you vulnerable, any traumatic experience can have a significant impact on your life. Trauma focused therapy in Nashville by The Village of Kairos is an excellent method for addressing past issues and future concerns.

Why Trauma Focused Therapy In Nashville?

We understand how hard it is for a patient to seek medical help to recover from a traumatic experience, the nightmares, lack of concentration, flashbacks of past events, and anxiety. Our trauma-focused therapy in Nashville and Franklin, TN focuses on teaching you the skills required to handle your emotions in an effective way. Our goal is to give you a comfortable environment where you are heard without any judgment. Our practitioners listen to your issues, understand your emotions, and develop a strong coping strategy to address your mental health illness that occurs due to the traumatic events you have experienced in the past.

Since the Village works with many clients who have experienced significant trauma and who might not be ready to fully participate in the rigid structure of comprehensive DBT due to their intrusive trauma symptoms (flashbacks, nightmares, poor concentration, etc.), we at the Village offer the therapeutic option of Trauma-focused therapy. With Trauma-Focused DBT, the client is provided with skills and resources from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy℠ in order to maximize the benefits of comprehensive DBT.  Come join us for advanced trauma-focused therapy as we work together to help you recover.