Individual DBT Therapy

The DBT – (DBT in Nashville TN) or Dialect behavioral therapy focuses on addressing your mental health disorder by teaching you coping techniques and tips for handling your emotions. We at, Village of Kairos, have worked with many patients who reported severe mental illnesses ranging from stress to depression. We know how to comfort the patient, create a safe and comfortable environment for them, and get them to explore their emotions and behavior.

Individual DBT Therapy | Dialectical Behavioral Therapist in Nashville, TN

The scope of DBT therapy goes beyond the treatment of your mental illness. It is rather a comprehensive procedure that aims to turn you into a confident person with high self-esteem. 

We have a team of qualified and certified medical practitioners offering advanced individual DBT in Nashville TN. Our professionals teach you the best ways to live in the moment, forget your future worries, and live a life you have dreamed of. Once you start taking regular DBT sessions, you will notice changes in your behavior and how you interact with people. We have seen our patients develop healthy relationships with their loved ones after completing their individual DBT therapy programs. 

Why DBT in Nashville TN?

In individual therapy, we assign you a professional who takes you to a safe place and offer you a convenient environment where you can discuss your problems without any difficulty. We understand how difficult it must be for you to join a therapy program and express your emotions to a stranger. So, we make sure that we don’t discuss anything you are not comfortable with. Gradually, you will see how easy it gets for you to express your problems, understand your emotions, regulate them, and apply different coping methods to handle these emotions. 

Emotional pain is devastating to your mental and physical health. Being one of the only clinics that provide DBT in Nashville TN, we use effective methods to help you slow down and speed up your recovery from the emotional nuisance. Our professionals perform these therapies in multiple sessions, thus making sure that you get the best benefits and quality support throughout your recovery journey. 

Your individual DBT therapy sessions will be conducted by your primary Village practitioner at a regular, mutually agreed upon time. Often, you may be guided into mindfulness or centering practice at the beginning of the session to fully prepare you for the work in which you are about to engage. After the initial mindfulness exercise, you will be guided to process the events that have transpired since your last session and address the goals you have established in your treatment plan. If deemed appropriate, safety plans will be reviewed and additional care plans established to ensure your safety until the next session.