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We believe that it takes a whole village to restore a life and that it takes tremendous courage to begin your healing journey. Your first consultation will elaborate on who we are as the Village of Kairos. And more than anything else, the consultation will identify your needs and what you are looking to achieve with us. We are excited you decided to use us to start your new path.

Included in the Consultation:

  • Identification of Your Needs
  • Intro to the Village of Kairos
  • What Our Family Model Is
  • A Full Orientation
  • Available Therapists
  • Our Billing Process

These are the first steps to becoming a client. Please take a moment to complete all steps to book your first consultation: (1) review our rate information and documents, (2) complete your consultation payment, (3) fill out the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire, and (4) schedule your online consultation appointment.

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