Rates and Fees

We at The Village of Kairos deeply respect your privacy and confidentiality. Healthcare providers (including therapists) who accept insurance reimbursement must submit sensitive information about their clients to their insurance companies. This has the potential to breach confidentiality and cause harm through a setting of limitations on the length of paid treatment. 

In other words, when a provider accepts insurance reimbursement, the insurance company becomes privy to the topics discussed in therapy sessions, as well as your psychiatric diagnoses and treatment plans. 

In place of insurance, we at the Village of Kairos accept payment for services as they are provided. This keeps everything discussed in therapy protected within the boundaries of state law. All patient records remain secure and in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. 

Clients with current insurance plans may elect to receive a superbill at the end of each month which they may submit to their insurance providers. Dr. Webb’s fee is covered by most PPO insurance plans. Please call 615-814-6541 or email us at billing@thevillageofkairos.com for questions about superbills or Out of Network insurance information. 

As Dr. Webb has chosen not to accept insurance reimbursement and not allow her patients to be subjected to any outside interference that has the potential to cause harm, she is willing to coordinate treatment and adjust fee schedules as deemed appropriate while receiving treatment at Kairos. Additionally, clients will receive discounts if they purchase their treatment in incentive packages designed to reward their commitment to therapy demonstrated by their attendance and for selecting multiple services at Kairos. Dr. Webb believes that investing in one’s mental health is an investment with a lifetime of returns, but should never burden anyone. 

Payment for group and individual therapy treatment can be made at the time of your session. 

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, money order, credit card, or check card